Sailing is our passion. We want to share it with you!

Welcome to Sea Baltimore! We warmly invite you aboard to experience the peace of the water and power of the wind.


Sea Baltimore is a family operation. We have a love of sailing and a desire to bring small groups out on the water to experience the tranquility of the Chesapeake Bay — in the heart of Baltimore’s bustle. We hope you’ll enjoy a moment to relax and reconnect with nature.
Captain Tom
Captain Tom is a lifelong enthusiast of the great outdoors whose journey has been shaped by his deep-seated love for the water. In 2002, his life took a turn as he and his family were drawn to the tranquil allure of the Chesapeake Bay. It was here, amidst the gentle lapping of waves and the boundless expanse of the horizon, that Captain Tom discovered his true calling. With over two decades of experience navigating the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and exploring idyllic Caribbean destinations, Captain Tom invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure.
Captain Rob
A native South African, Captain Rob has been sailing since he was a kid —and has navigated the waters all over the globe, from Africa to Asia. (Fun facts: He lived on a sailboat for a year and traded coconuts on the East African coast. He may or may not have also smuggled rum.) He has devoted most of his career to natural resource conservation, only deepening his love and passion for the sea and the animals that inhabit it. In the past, he also led safari tours in Botswana. In essence, Captain Rob loves making the natural world accessible to everyone!


Our tours are small by design — you won’t find tour guides blasting facts in your ears through loud microphones. To provide you with an intimate experience, we never take more than 6 people on board at a time. Our 46' Hunter is a classic sailing vessel.

If you're interested in "learning the ropes," Captain Rob welcomes you to help with sailing duties. Or perhaps you’d prefer spending some moments at the bow of the ship, with the wind in your hair, listening to the sail flap in the wind. Whatever tour you choose, we aim to provide an experience that lets you, for a few hours, become one with the sea.


We offer a variety of different tours during the week. Click here to see all of the tour options. If you're interested in something you don't see here, we'd be happy to help design a custom experience for you. Just call (484) 678-7390 to discuss. We also partner with local caterers to help build a trip that is just what you're looking for.


We leave from Crescent Marina in Fell's Point.
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